About Kgadi Mmanakana

I am a Consultant, Speaker and Mentor on SME Competitive Strategy, and the founder of KM-Consulting and Development Services (Pty) Ltd [www.km-cds.co.za] a South Africa based strategy consulting firm helping entrepreneurs setup & launch businesses/products that will make them money, and startups to occupy and maintain competitive position in the market. The company houses KM Consulting, KM Institute, KM Research Hub and publishes Kgadi on Strategy.

I am an experienced strategy consultant with special focus on new venture creation, business model innovation, operational efficiency and competitive strategy. I consulted and mentored clients from a variety of industries/sectors,with a track record of real results, amongst other industries/sectors; Television, automotive, engineering, health, Radio, Real Estate, Network Marketing, professional services, advertising, primary agriculture, NPO, Beauty, Tourism, Construction, Transport, Logistics. And I have a geographical footprint in Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

I am a research & development enthusiast with an eye for simple, executable and effective strategies. A lifelong student on SME Competitive Strategy. My differentiator is my ability to diagnose businesses, unearth the (real) problem and devise methodologies and strategies to provide solutions.