Business and Executive Advisory

I offer one-on-one master classes/coaching to business owners on the following subjects:

Business Strategy

I will introduce to you what strategy really is and how do you go about in developing a winning strategy for your business to be unique and competitive in your line of business.

Customer acquisition Strategy

Do you need pointers on how to get clients for your business? Let’s brainstorm together and work out ways you can create a channel for customers to knock on your door/call you.

Market Analysis and Industry Structure.

Do you want to know the trends and economic outlook of your industry? Do you want to know the factors that are driving competition in your line of business and who are leading? I will help you with a well throughout research and on top of that explain every detail to you and advise you on how you can position yourself and prepare for any industry changes.

Business model canvas facilitation.

A business model canvas is a tool made up 9 building blocks that explains how you as a business create value for your customers, how you’ll deliver value to your customers and how you’ll make money in the process. I will breakdown the canvas with you and customize it specifically for your business. The aim is to have you understand it and how it can help you run your business seamlessly.