Business Execution Sessions

To entrepreneurs and business;

For now, let’s pause when it comes to inspiration and grabbing information everywhere.  Let’s start doing the work – let’s execute!

Kgadi on Strategy: Business Execution Sessions is a business series that puts entrepreneurs and business owners in a mode of moving from business idea to business model to making sales. 

It is so easy to get caught up in over thinking business ideas, being a serial seminar attender and information junkie, and end up side lining the most important part – executing. There’s time for all that and then there’s time to do the actual work to see results – and that’s why KM – Consulting Development Services through its Institute division introduced Kgadi on Strategy: Business Execution Sessions.

The sessions are divided into 3 Series, each constituting series of sessions.

 Series 1 is focused on: Working on your business, Series 2: Working in your business., Series 3: Business scaling and access to markets

The sessions are hands-on, and participants leave the sessions with tangible deliverables for their own businesses. The conception of Kgadi on Strategy: Business Execution Sessions was birthed based on the key reason for existence of the company, KM – Consulting and Development Services, which is to keep businesses in business.

Subjects to be tackled

  • Customer Targeting and Value Proposition Development
  • Business Modelling
  • Competition and Industry Analysis
  • Business mapping
  • Financing your business
  • Making the first sale
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Strategy

Series 1:

Session 1 – From Business Idea to Business Model to First Sale

Focus of the session:

Customer targeting and value proposition development

  You do know that you cannot sell to everyone and not everyone who can benefit from your offering is your customer right? On this subject we are going go back to the drawing board t establish the real problem your business is solving, for who, how and the specific value you will give that will make customers come to you.

You will walk away with the template to use to package your customer value proposition of which will form a key part of your company profile.

Business model design

 On this subject we are going to establish how your business create value for customers, how you deliver that value to your customers, and how you make money as a business, different revenue models. It is important to be clear on those 3 parts. Additionally, we will establish what it will take for your business to create, deliver and capture value. This is an opportunity for those with existing businesses to revise their business models and see how they can innovate existing business models.

You will walk away with a business model design tool/template that you will use to canvas your business idea. You can use this business model tool to pitch, you are going to get guidance on how to pitch using it.

•Branding, marketing and sales strategy

 On this subject we are going to establish what it takes to get clients/customers for your business – It starts with branding your business [it is more than a logo], promoting your business [we will discuss various promotional tools from social media to flyers, and the important factors in marketing], and selling [To make money you need to be intentional about it. Goals need to be set, action plan in place and execution needs to take place.]

You will walk away with a tactical strategy template that incorporate branding, marketing and sales strategies for you to customize for your business.


•Walk away understanding how to determine your real and paying customer segments, the value proposition that will set you apart from your competitors; your, business model and how to develop a branding, marketing and sales strategy

•Walk away with templates to package your customer value proposition, business model and branding, marketing and sales strategy.

•Walk away with practical experience on the abovementioned.

•Get an opportunity to present your value proposition to the room for free. 

Who should attend?

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs and inventors
  • Aspiring business owners [those with business ideas]

What these people have in common is that they realize that it’s time to move from business idea to making money, they want to be clear on how they can sell their business offering to potential customers, and they are willing to show up for their businesses.

Session 2: Market Penetration & Sales Growth

Focus of the session:

  • Customer acquisition, retention and growth strategies
  • Competition and industry analysis
  • Social media marketing

Session3: Financing your business

Focus of the session

  • Getting ready for funds
  • Various ways to fund your business
  • Understanding what funders want & getting to know the funders

Bonus: How can we help you finance your business

Session4: DIY

Focus of the session

  • Business plan development
  • Business proposal development
  • Business strategy development