Business Mentorship

I offer various types of business mentorship:

  1. Get More. Pay Less Business Mentorship – This is a business mentorship designed for new business owners and entrepreneurs on a mission to build profitable and scalable businesses but have limited funds. The program allows them to have a one-on-one business mentorship session offering unlimited business guidance twice a month for a period of 6 months, for 1hour and 30mins per session, at only R400/month.
  2. Launch it! Business Idea Modelling – This is a 3-month incubation program for business owners and entrepreneurs with business ideas. The program helps entrepreneurs understand how they’re going to create value for their customers (value proposition development), how they’re going to deliver the value to customers (distribution channels), and how they’re going to capture value in the process (revenue streams and generating activities). At the end of the training, entrepreneurs will have a clear business model and understand the resources and support they’ll need to launch their businesses. This will be outline on their customized business model canvas. In addition to that; entrepreneurs will be equipped with hacks on how to brand their business so as to attract the right customers and each entrepreneur will be given a starting point on where to go and what to do to make the first sale.
  3. Scale it! Business Accelerator Program – This is a 3-month business accelerator program for entrepreneurs and business owners who are aiming to grow their businesses either geographically, entering new markets, or scaling the existing services/products. Each entrepreneur will be equipped with specific hacks they can use to scale their businesses, and they’ll also be introduce to what it takes to grow a business to ensure that their businesses are ready for growth. They’ll be introduced to Fit-For-Growth Analytical tool to interrogate whether they’re ready to scale or not. And how to get ready.