For Network Marketers: Greed may be killing your business.

For Network Marketers: Greed may be killing your business.

The era we are living in is an era filled will people driven by greed – every man for himself generation.

An era in which people would rather die than tell you where the opportunity is, especially an opportunity that has the potential to make the next person, other than themselves, rich.

The era doesn’t mean there are no people who wish others well and genuine intend to help, however we cannot ignore the fact that greediness is overpowering many.

So what does this mean for those whose business model depends on getting the buy in of others such as network marketers?

I’ve been observing for the past 3 years the tactics and punchlines that network marketers use and there are two things I wish they could understand;

1. How tainted network marketing as a brand is (whose fault is that? Those that are not connected to their business emotionally but only having more downliners and getting the royalties forgetting that MLM is a business model that requires a person to build authentic relationships and have real results. Anyway story for another day) and

2. This is an era of greed (which is what this post is trying to shed light on) and therefore it is important to understand this instead of brushing it off and learn how to navigate this.

What does an era of greed mean?
It means

1. The clients you are trying to sell to, they don’t trust you. This is an era of greed so what are you on about when you say you want to make me rich – every man for himself. I don’t trust you.

2. You need to check yourself of any traces of greed that’s affecting your business. (Please note that, a feeling of greed or rather the urge to want to be greedy, selfish and hold back tend to visit all of us. The punchline is how do you navigate it)
When you run a business, you run it with people with senses and the degree of alertness differ with a person. And being fake and running a business with greed has a way of oozing through to expose you – one way is by struggling to get people on board.

Final note: Remember living in an era of greed means I won’t trust you if come with promises that are more skewed in helping me. They need to have a sense of mutual benefits. And also it means you need check yourself of any traces of greed and learn how to navigate it, be authentic and invest in building relationships.

I hope this helps you create a profitable business and have great returns.

byKgadi Mmanakana

I am a researcher, thought leader and consultant on New and Emerging Markets, Business Model Innovation, Turnaround and Corporate Strategy. I embraces and integrate the 4th Industrial Revolution in my work. My belief is that there's some truth to every business idea, one shouldn't be quick to throw it away.

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