Social Media Marketing: Why you are failing

Social Media Marketing: Why you are failing

There is money circulating online. Social media is the now and forever way to build your brand, generate leads and close deals. This is how you are sabotaging yourself and the reason behind not having no sale closed on social media.

•You don’t follow instructions. The potential client says “email me” you comment. Or you leave your contact details.

•You leave your contact details. What for? Your potential client on a space like Facebook has increased bargaining power, you need to take initiative and engage them. Be proactive. Whilst you’re leaving your “WhatsApp me” short text, someone is already closing the deal.

•You bombard potential client with a rehearsed sales pitch. What happened to building relationships? The potential is asking a question about how to register a company, you respond with your contact details and you’re saying WhatsApp me I’ll do it for you. Answer them first, then give them a room to breathe and sell them convenience (you doing it for them). Sudden sales pitches are bound to come across as scam.

•There has to be a positive correlation between your page and personal account. Some clients check out your personal account as part of their decision making process.

•Study your audience. Master copy writing.

Thanks for attending my social media marketing master class.

byKgadi Mmanakana

I am a researcher, thought leader and consultant on New and Emerging Markets, Business Model Innovation, Turnaround and Corporate Strategy. I embraces and integrate the 4th Industrial Revolution in my work. My belief is that there's some truth to every business idea, one shouldn't be quick to throw it away.

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