We need a new perspective on funding.

We need a new perspective on funding.

Funding is an elephant in the room. So, I’ll keep this short.

Not every business needs startup funding. Funding is not a prerequisite to starting a business.
Someone REGISTERS a cleaning business and immediately says I need funding, come on Jay you need to build your brand through marketing and sell your services to build customer traction. Then close the deal, ask for purchase order funds or get clients to pay x% upfront to finance overheads. Some businesses just need only you to sell.

There are multiple ways to navigate the funding, strategic financing options available. Before you submit a business plan to government, banks, and other funding institutions; thoroughly work out if you really need funds as in yesterday, how much and then exhaust the options you have first to raise funds.

I also offer strategic business financing advisory services to assess funding options available to you and devising a strategic financing plan for your business.

Another important thing business owners need to learn is reinvesting back into the business.

byKgadi Mmanakana

I am a researcher, thought leader and consultant on New and Emerging Markets, Business Model Innovation, Turnaround and Corporate Strategy. I embraces and integrate the 4th Industrial Revolution in my work. My belief is that there's some truth to every business idea, one shouldn't be quick to throw it away.

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