Why it is important to test the viability of your business idea

Why it is important to test the viability of your business idea

Business feasibility analysis is a process used to determine if a business idea is viable.

Most businesses that saw light of day and enjoyed basking in the economic sun are those that followed the process of:

  • Recognizing a business idea,
  • Testing the feasibility of the idea,
  • Writing a business plan and
  • Launching the business.

When an idea falls short (especially during Step 2 of analysis), the idea should be dropped or rethought.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of identifying a business idea and then jumping directly to writing a business plan and launching. This results in the launch of half-baked ideas which often results in business failure and a waste of money and time invested on an idea that is not viable.

Testing your business idea before launch helps you:

  • be clear on the business model of your idea and understand whether that idea is profitable or not. This reduces the risk of launching a product/service that people don’t want, and running a business constantly at a loss.

Testing your idea separates “good ideas” from “business cases”.

Make the right decision, do not rush to launch. Test your business idea.

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byKgadi Mmanakana

I am a researcher, thought leader and consultant on New and Emerging Markets, Business Model Innovation, Turnaround and Corporate Strategy. I embraces and integrate the 4th Industrial Revolution in my work. My belief is that there's some truth to every business idea, one shouldn't be quick to throw it away.

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